1L Smith & Roger Flow & Bond 10:1 Bonding Primer


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Smith & Rodgers Flow Bond a 10:1 mix ratio paint conditioner and bonding primer that mixes with all water based paints, suitable for interior or exterior use. Adding Flow and Bond into the first coat will improve flow – making life easier when brushing and rolling. It aids bond / adhesion of the first coat and subsequent unmixed coats and saves time and money as it increases coverage ( Up to 20% ).

Preparation: We recommend you follow all of the instructions set by the manufacturers of the water based paint you are adding Flow & Bond to. In general ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust , dirt, oil, grease, wax, wallpaper, adhesive or loose flaking paint that may interfere with application.

Mixing: Stir paint thoroughly and pour into paint scuttle or large container. Add 1 part Flow Bond to 10 parts paint and stir.

Drying: Adding Flow & Bond will not alter the drying times, please follow the paint manufacturers directions.

Coverage: Adding Flow & Bond increase the coverage of any water based paint. In general 20% less material is used than if the paint was applied without Flow & Bond