5L Cuprinol Ducksback


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Cuprinol ducksback fence & shed treatment offers an all weather, advanced and wax enriched formulation that fights off water to protect your wooden surfaces from the effects of water entry.

Providing 5 years of protection, this easy to apply quick drying paint offers not only long lasting protection, but also a great colour. Showerproof within 1 hour, it provides coverage of up to 5m² per litre, and is dry and recoatable within 2-4 hours. Easily applied with a brush or roller thanks to its' non-drip formulation, the low odour, quick absorbing paint is also suitable to be used around both plants and pets. 

  • Showerproof in just 1 hour
  • Low odour, making it pleasant to work with
  • Safe to use around plants and pets
  • Non-drip formulation for easy application