MAVERICK Paint Brushes 3PK Professional Straight Cut Oval Memex Head with FSC Wood 3 piece pack set 1.5", 2", 2.5", Series X


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MAVERICK delivers exceptional work solutions to every decorator seeking to perform at their best. Like you, are in pursuit of excellence. We’re unafraid to be different. We learn from the best and discover the change you never knew you needed and can't imagine being without. We forge a path that others will follow with admiration. Maverick is more than outstanding decorators' tools. It’s a mindset. Choose Maverick to gain a significant advantage.


Series X Paint Brushes

BEYOND PERFECTION | Advanced In every way

The Maverick Series X brush has been designed for decorators committed to being the best of the best. Its iconic and ergonomic form features a matt black oval aluminium ferrule bonded to a contoured beechwood handle sourced from well-managed forests. Suddenly, those other brushes look very ordinary. At the performance end, Memex advanced filaments retain form longer, maximise productivity, and taper further for the finest finish. Series X goes beyond perfection and puts ultimate all-round performance in the palm of your hand. At every moment, on every job, you really can have it all.