Coral Paintwiz Paint Scuttle Liners with Coreflex for Easy Clean up 8 piece pack


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  • Cleaning 15/25L paint scuttles is messy, inconvenient, and a waste of your time! Would you like to never wash another paint scuttle again? Interested in cutting your clean-up time to under one minute without water?
  • Clean-up is tedious and messy after a long day painting. Paint scuttle liners save you time (and they say time is money) so you can finish faster and enjoy life away from the sink.
  • Made with dependable and tear resistant Coreflex material with convenient tie-tapes. Simply tighten tie-tape to keep paint and your tools fresh for longer. You'll have less mess, waterless clean-up and fast colour changes.
  • You'll stretch the top band over the scuttle edge before decanting paint into the liner. When finished, remove the liner, snip a corner and squeeze excess paint back into the original container. Alternatively, tighten tie-tape to preserve your paint and tools while taking a break.
  • Your time is more valuable than the cost of these liners! Choose a faster and easier everyday clean-up routine. Stop cleaning and start saving today!