Coral Paperwiz Original 3-in-1 Wallpaper Tool for Paper-Hanging | Trim Guide and Paint Shield 8.2 inch


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  • 3-in-1 wallpapering tool
  • Use to smooth, seam and trim wallpaper
  • Use for wallpaper, borders, self-adhesives

The Coral PaperWiz Wallpaper Tool has been specially designed to revolutionise the way you apply wallpaper and lining papers to your walls. This clever tool is multi-functional, offering three functions in one convenient tool. Firstly, it helps to smooth the wallpaper by removing air bubbles and reducing imperfections during wallpaper application. Secondly, it helps to effortlessly seal and set wallpaper seams for a smoother, more professional finish. Finally, it glides across the paper and can be used as a straight edge for trimming. This wallpaper tool is easy to use and highly durable as it is cut resistant, making all your decorating jobs as easy as possible. Suitable for applying wallpaper, borders, vinyl decals and a variety of other self-adhesive sheets.